About Us

The Policymakers Network was established in 2015 to help support the public policy process by providing meaningful help to senior government officials. Developed at Atlantic Media, National Journal, and Ballast Research—the Policymakers Network operates independently in pursuit of its mission.

The Policymakers Network provides resources and services to current government employees (“policymakers”) on Capitol Hill, in Federal Agencies, and in the White House. We support these individuals throughout their careers in a meaningful and proactive way: with thoughtful discussion, practical advice, and hands-on support.

In 2017, the Policymakers Network expanded its reach and partnership beyond Washington, DC to also include state and local policymakers.


The Policymakers Network has partnered with various organizations (including congressional staff associations) to put together events such as resume counseling, leadership panels, networking etc). Please contact info@policymakersnetwork.org if you or your organization are interested in partnering with the Policymakers Network.


The Policymakers Network aims to improve the conversation around public policy and provide services and resources to the community of policymakers in Washington DC and nation-wide.